Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due To Pioneer Ted Turner

The celebration of the 40th anniversary of CNN brings a flood of memories of the wild and wooly early cable days. Cable can take great pride in the role it played in changing communications.

And many, including Cable TV Pioneer Char Beales, believes it is Ted Turner who deserves the credit for making the really big bet. Now Char, along with other cable leaders, are supporting an initiative to permanently honor Ted at the George Washington University in the School of Media & Public Affairs with the focus on Ted’s passion for the environment and journalism.

The goal is to create the Ted Turner Professor of Environmental Media, supported by the Ted Turner Graduate Fellow, and an annual DC event, the Ted Turner Planet Forward Symposium.


Individual Cable TV Pioneers are invited to support this initiative. The idea is to attract an army of those who benefited from Ted’s innovation. The endowment already received $1 million in contributions and commitments, primarily from Turner Broadcasting/CNN – many of whom are Pioneers and now they are broadening the $6 million campaign. 

Want more information? There’s a web site, Please check it out (password "turner"). You will see some familiar faces on the Our Supporters tab.

Why now? Would you believe there are students studying the communications revolution that cable fostered, who have never heard of Ted Turner! Cable TV Pioneers, like Ted, built this business and deserve the credit for it.

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